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Omgeving Bio Energetica
5 dagen behandeling in Duitsland  
Bio Energetica

 Pyramid Tour Bosnia


Workshop Barchem Heksenlaak Nederland
30 September 2017
Meer info: Eline Kempers

Workshop Bolsward Nederland:
(nog geen nieuwe data)

Meer info: Agnes Wielstra 



 Mesmerisme Training

schermafbeelding-2016-09-27-om-13-47-39Met Thomas

 (Voorjaar 2018) More info


Mesmerisme Training Berlicum
3,4 & 5 November 2017

More info: Mesmerisme Training: Thomas
(Locatie Berlicum: Hypnose Centrum Noord Brabant)

Suc7 training Schedule Book now to secure your place

Ultimate Javanese Magnetism
Mr. Magis in Berlicum The Netherlands
10, 11 & 12 November 2017
Newest version of Javanese Magnetism “The Ultimate”
In English Basic-Intermediate
(Location Berlicum Hypnose Centrum Noord Brabant)
Book Now Ultimate Javanese Magnetism


“ADVANCED” Ultimate Javanese Magnetism

 Mr. Magis in Berlicum the Netherlands
17, 18 & 19 November 2017
Advanced class in English

(Location Berlicum Hypnose Centrum Noord Brabant) Book now Ultimate Javanese Magnetism

Mesmerisme Training met Thomas
Meer info: Agnes Wielstra
(Nog geen nieuwe data)

Mesmerisme Training met Thomas
Barchem De Heksenlaak
24, 25 & 26 November
Info & reservation:Eline Kempers


Life Changing Personal development Training 

(3 Dagen
 met Thomas),
Ultimate Javanese
(3dagen met Dodie of Thomas(Nederlands),
Advanced Ultimate Javanese Magnetism
(3 dagen met Dodie)
Mesmerisme & magnetism

Trainer Program
Personal Development International Trainer
Trainer Training

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personal development Mesmerism and Magnetism

 If you want to know more about our trainings and what they can do for you. How can we help you with your Personal Development Click here for our Mesmerism Training Click here for our Magnetism/Master Mesmerism Training. Click here for our NEW Advanced Training Click here for our Trainer program

You don’t need Pre-experience to join our trainings because we use build in training weels from start to end.  It’s our job to make you grow into a real master in this art. Personal DevelopmentPracticing Gaze, Fascination, Presence, Intention, Focus,sharpen your sensitivity, learn techniques to use for yourself or with your clients. Work with energy and techniques who are Fast Strong and Successful. Observe your client 100% NO distraction No Scripts NO difficult techniques. Simple Fast and Easy…

Most of our participants are interested in Hypnosis, NLP, Reiki, Tai Chi, Qigong, energy work, Quantum Touch, Healing, Magnetism, Mesmerism,Sjamanism or in other words:
Personal development.

You will be able to make a deeper energetic connection.
This will provide you information you can’t get with normal rapport in Hypnosis.

So not only in Therapy sessions but also in your daily life
you can have a big advantage from your new Mesmerism & Magnetism skills!

We look forward to meet your beautiful energy… Have a mesmerized Day!

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