This is not really a training.

If you continue to go deeper into this page it will change
your life and the way you see “your” reality.
So if you are perfectly happy in your life
and nothing have to be changed…


Just open Social media, watch the news or read a newspaper in stead.
I don’t want to sound arrogant but if you are not looking for answers or guidance
the best thing you can do is turning your back on me.
This can put your whole world upside down.

Maybe we meet later…if you are more ready for it.

BUT if you go deeper into this.
Your eyes will “OPEN“.
Maybe you are thinking now

But my eyes are open Thomas, otherwise I could not read this page“.

Yes you are right, what I actually want to say is
that you will get a deeper understanding.

“We are all spirits inside a body having a human experience.”

You know why you came to earth?
I think we are here for a reason.
And it’s not to become robots and say YES and do all those things
we don’t like or even hate to do.
But this is life…and this is what we are suppose to do.
Waking up, having a shower & breakfast, Work, have lunch, go back home, watch TV, eat, sleep
and continue this process over and over and over again?
And at the end we die and we come back again having life after life?
Doing the same thing?
NO NO NO it’s not like that!

So “AWAKENING” is the first step in the change!

I have the impression lot’s of kids and new born baby’s
come to earth nowadays and are fully awake.

Older people can have awakening in childhood or later.
Or they just decided to have the “OFF” life.
They go back with the same knowledge and same experiences.

And it’s perfectly fine!  But if I can be honest with you.
For me it feels like a lost opportunity.


When we awaken and open our eyes we can start learning and finding what we are
looking for.  Finding the REAL purpose of life.
So that’s why I offer you some tips to get into the right direction.

In my trainings I also help you to train your focus and intention and be aware of your body.
And many other tools to accelerate your awakening process are in the trainings.
You will become the creator of your own reality.

Not the observer or the reality of something or someone else.

This Dvd’s or books all have a deeper understanding,  they bring a message,
try to discover what is really meant.  Read what has been written between the lines.
What is inside to open your eyes and have the “AHA” moment.

It took me some time to understand but here are some tips!
This is what helped me opening my eyes!
Just check the internet to order your copy.

You can start with this books/DVD’s selection:
Celestijnse belofte Baraka What_The_Bleep_Do_We_Know Thrive The shift The secret The Matrix The living MatrixInception_dvd Down the rabbit hole

If you understand what I try to say here
and if you want some help to proceed in the right directions.

Just let me know I am always interested to have a talk.
Or I can train you to use your full potential.

After you start to see, we have to deprogram all the old stuff
what is no longer needed.  Same like the hard drive from a PC.
If you don’t clean it up and you keep all the old information and programs
the pc gets very slow. 
So if you like, we can make some space
for the newer and more exiting stuff!
Are you ready for your newest update?

Omgeving Bio Energetica

We now also offer a 5 day German trip
We will share 5 fantastic days together in a beautiful place
with lots of time to get to know each other and talk more about the awakening process. Speeding up awakening and boosting all your levels
such as:

Pineal gland & third eye
DNA strings
33 Chakra system
All the levels to keep you in optimal shape
Neutralizing all toxics in your body and trauma’s
and many more.

This red pill stands for the choice to become awake.
If you press it you let me know you want some help in that process.
I am looking forward to meet and talk with you about really
amazing and interesting stuff.  
 Red Pill

My last tip for you:
“STOP using the Tell a Vision Machine.”
When you do so the programming stops and you will get
out of the trance called life!