Advanced Ultimate Javanese Magnetism
16,17 & 18 June 2017 Advanced Training

Also have a look at the Intermediate level

1. Increase the connection with the universe

2. Secret knowledge about Macrocosmos & Microcosmos (Super advanced initiation)

3. Secret information about the center energy source in our galaxy.
(much more detailed information than Intermediate level)

4. The influence of many planets to our life

5. The secret of numerology and the correlation between numbers and planets

6. How to use planets energy to make our life better
Example for prosperity, Abundance, High personal magnetism, Increase productivity,
High love Attraction power, Building abundance energy field,
7. Open and light up the aura for HIGH CHARISMA
8. The secret of Zero Point Energy
9. The secret of Zero Point of Micro cosmos
10. The secret of inner strength and power
11. The Secret of Lower Self, Middle Self and Higher Self for better life
12. How to increase connection between Magnetist and client to the maximum
13. Advanced Healing Technique: for repairing the bones, muscle and physical problem
(support healing techniques)
14. Some special secret energy for strong Magnetism
15. The secret weakness point of Magnetism
16. The knowledge about Yin & Yang Type of the person & influence the sensitivity of the person
17. Dance with the universe for healing
18. Ascended masters secret knowledge

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Ultimate Javanese Magnetism

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Ultimate Javanese Magnetism
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Advanced Ultimate Javanese
 Magnetism class

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