Our retreats:

Retreats made for you.
Do you need a Reset? Are you looking for Personal Development?

2020 is the time to start your Spiritual Growth journey or Energy Cultivation.

We are sure you will find THE retreat made for YOU!

You will be guided by the best Trainers in our retreats.
You’ll have the opportunity to have private sessions to fulfill your personal needs. We are giving you a great chance to feel this powerful energy field and a delicious vibe of transformation with full support and guidance!

Our participants will have a full reset and reconnect with themselves and nature; learn easy, fast, objective and powerful methods to work with energy (mesmerism and magnetism); and reintegrate their new knowledge through a heartwarming trip to unique and special locations!

This year is all about TRANSFORMATION. What would be more satisfying than a retreat where you’ll receive all the attention you need?
It will be an easy and nice way to Be Light!



Your most powerful and life changing
14 Day experience

Retreat yourself with us!
Every aspect of this journey is designed to get you to achieve a state of harmony and empowerment. As you see information about Ayahuasca everywhere and wonder how this experience might be, let yourself hear the call of the jungle!
In our retreat you will meet like-minded individuals finding powerful ways to make the most of their lives. It will become as easy as breathing.
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Do you need a reset?
Than these 5 days are what you are looking for.

This retreat lasts 5 days and will be held in Germany (near Austria).
During the retreat you will get a reset through Arcturian energy devices – channeled by the Arcturians. The reset happens on all levels and dimensions. You will feel increasingly better every day.

Five days in a row in this process is the optimal time to ensure long-lasting results.
During the event we can do private sessions on Mesmerism and Magnetism, to release any remaining limitations. They’re Optional and my gift to you to assist you in the best way.

People feel energized and reset after this amazing retreat.
The surroundings are breathtaking, so if you need some me time and a RESET, now is the time!

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Bali / Indonesia

Bali / Indonesia

Inner power Training 8 days in exotic Bali

This 8-day retreat is MIND BLOWING.

People can do so much more than they possibly imagine.

If you give yourself the chance to come with us to the exotic Bali, you also can discover it for yourself. This training is about Energy Cultivation, Meditation and Gaib (working with the invisible). It is YOU, taking back the FULL control of your body.
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The Secret Personal Development retreat
Only for those who want to discover the secrets

This 8-day retreat is only for the seekers!
We will train you in Tenaga Dalm, Magnetism from Java combined with Inner Power & Gendam.

The most Secret & Ultimate combination!

While we fully connect with nature and ourselves you get initiations and secret knowledge to become your most powerful self.
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