Your most powerful and life changing
14 Day experience in 2020

Retreat yourself with us!
Every aspect of this journey is designed to get you to achieve a state of harmony and empowerment. As you see information about Ayahuasca everywhere and wonder how this experience might be, let yourself hear the call of the jungle!
In our retreat you will meet like-minded individuals finding powerful ways to make the most of their lives. It will become as easy as breathing.

” What else do you need to follow your dreams? “

Our Team

Marina Pereira
Hypnotist, light worker & Tarot reader

Adriano Bitarães
Owner and founder of Serra Sagrada
light worker, Shaman

Thomas Scheers
Master Trainer in Mesmerism & Magnetism

These are the magical places where we will stay

Serra Sagrada – Minas Gerais
São Thomé das Lettras

Join us now in this life changing experience
20 spots available
Contribution: €

The retreat includes:

The plant ceremonies are optional and free.

Flight ticket and visa expenses (if applicable)
are not included.

Note: We want to make this retreat an intimate experience between a small group. We will get to know each participant beforehand, so we can tailor each experience according to each one’s innermost desires and needs.

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