Develop your own Inner Power

Inner Power what exactly is this?
Everyone has a gigantic inner power. This power is present in everyone but it’s dormant.
Only a few people developed this inner power.
Do you want to become the best version of yourself?

People can do much more than they realize.
But to get to this inner power you need to take action.
If you now give yourself the chance to go to magical Bali, you can discover it for yourself.

Grab this golden key to unlock your potential and use it in your life.

Connect with your Inner Power,
your vital life energy
and source of vitality”

Whether you are in good hands?

During this Inner Power training you learn to develop your own strength in 8 unforgettable days.  Together with Dr. Pack Nyoman Grand Master in Inner Power & Magical healing.

Together with:

Thomas Scheer’s Master in Mesmerism and Magnetism

Where do we store our tent?


We go on a personal journey of discovery. You will stay in Sanur Beach in the beautiful Inna Beach hotel with traditional luxury rooms, each room has AC and a fridge and all the comfort you expect from a hotel room. The pool and the beach are close by so do not forget your swimsuit or bikini!  We can have breakfast here together on the beach. Lunch and dinner are always delicious and buffet!  Because we regularly stay at this hotel you are a VIP guest for the hotel!

Dr. Pak Nyoman will stay in our hotel and will be available in the evening for more informal contact.
As well as the guidance so that we can still enjoy the day with a drink.
  These moments are fantastic to get to know all participants or to learn from each other. Private sessions are also possible in the evening.
With Dr. Pack Nyoman, Thomas or Tamara (extra fee).


We are going to this Home stay Kubo Daton in Denpasar.
Everything depends on the size of the group and on availability.

What are we going to do?

The training starts with an initiation to open all your chakras.
This will awaken your Inner Power, to test this you can for example eat glass without any inconvenience. Wash hands with hydrochloric acid.Touch hot iron with your feet or tongue.
Or break a building block on your stomach or head with a demolition hammer …
Your Inner power provides unprecedented protection and strength, so you have 0.0 damage
Just to show you that we are more than this flesh coat in this earthly experience.
There is no obligation to undergo the tests and they are also at your own risk!
If all of this is possible, then you understand that you become incredibly powerful in all areas
in your life? Health, Power, Creativity, Focus, Love and relationship, Money, Growth personally
but also spiritually. What kind of help we can provide for you?


The inner power will be strengthened step by step through various meditation techniques and inner power energy cultivation exercises. In this way we connect with the power of the elements to use them in our lives. During the training you will experience a combination of Hindu and Islamic rituals, in the form of meditation, movement and realization. Knowledge is spread all over the world, so we learn from different cultures and religions. It is about the cosmic energy and not about the religions themselves. The training sessions last for 3 hours each and between the trainings you are free and you can enjoy a delicious and healthy lunch, the beautiful beach or surroundings. Or a refreshing splash in the pool.


You will also be introduced to different healing techniques and therapies.
In excursions you will discover detoxing and many more All included in the price.


Some videos and photos from a Bali trip

Some videos of the Tests for Inner power:


The Inner Power Program itself:

Day 1: Transfer to the hotel + acclimatization and have dinner together.

Day 2: Enjoy the swimming pool or beach in the morning.
In the evening you will get your first initiation for opening all your chakra’s

Day 3: Morning training + afternoon/evening training

Day 4: Excursion day (visiting energetic power places)

Day 5: Morning training + afternoon training

Day 6: Excursion day (surprises, all included in the price)

Day 7: Morning training + Afternoon training with evening closure

Day 8: Transfer to the airport.
* Longer stay is possible after consultation.

(The program can change slightly)


Date: Negotiable or whenever you want (individually)

Location: Sanur, Bali Indonesia (Airport is Denpasar / Indonesia)

Duration: 8 days

Contribution: Only € 2.997, – Inner Power Training and
all other special training, trips and excursions included.
Also your stay in a beautiful room with delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner
(excluding your flight)


The costs for this training are € 2.997
-This includes all meals,
-Transfers (Airport-hotel but also Hotel-airport + transport during the excursions),

-Excursions and overnight stays included.

The only thing you have to book is your flight ticket.
Normally € 450 to a € 750 for a return ticket.

This training can also be followed individually,
Individual training will be € 3,500 with 2 companions all included (excluding your flight ticket)

Group training

The training can be booked all year round
In 2020 we love to go to Bali with a group of people who look for a change in their life. 
Before we go, we will inform about this trip when all places are taken.

Are you interested in an info evening or webinar about this fantastic offer?
+32(0)498/222.222 (Thomas)

See you soon
Energetic greetings

Dr. Pak Nyoman & Thomas Scheers