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Mesmerism by Thomas Scheers

“The missing link in effective Hypnosis is the old Mesmerism”

But Mesmerism is much more than a missing link in Hypnosis!

Now is your chance to discover the magical Mesmerism in 3 amazing days.
Because you then discovers how:

* You can send your energy and use it to influence people positively.
* You make a deep energetic connection
* Hypnosis comes from the old Mesmerism and that’s why it is important to have mesmerism as basic attitude in your life and in hypnosis.
* You can start using the power of Mesmer to be happy and to make people happy 24/7.

Basically it’s a way of life.


You allow yourself to be a lucky magnet.
o be more at the right place at the right time.
You will be even getting more spontaneous phone calls from people you where thinking about for just a moment.
The right people will come into your path. What do you want to attract in your life?
You are the architect or director of your own life.
Do you want drama? Or do you want exciting action with a touch of humor?
The choice is yours …

The connection to everything and everyone will grow stronger.

Mesmerism is therefore much more than just some techniques.
It helps you to be master of the enjoyment in life.
Every day is a gift you can see this, but you can also feel it!
If you allow me, I want to help you to feel again!
Strengthen those connections so that every day should be a celebration.
Where setbacks are snapshots. And what does not work out the first time is
simply deferred success … We plant together new seeds for your wonderful future.

If you want to participate in this training, do me one favor:
Take your picture before the training and a picture after the training.
You will see for yourselve the difference and especially feel the positive result inside.
This is logical, as your energy will flow and fix faults or blockages so there is only one result possible: feel better every day.

After a training I often hear from students they get comments like: they look so positively different. If they ask what you mean?
Then some answers like “your eyes are shining
You look good,” “your shining“, “you are more present“, “I really enjoy your presence“, Something has changed but I can not put my finger on it?”
And so it really feels … exactly the same like in the comments.
Or like
you have experienced the most amazing vacation or trip for 3weeks.
But i mean the feeling you have after such an experience. Not the memories
Really feeling that is also Mesmerism.

“Is Mesmerism something new?”

pioneers of mesmerism

No, we did not invent the wheel again!

Franz Mesmer lived between 1734 and 1815 and found a power that he described himself as animal magnetism. He treated his high day up to 300 paying patients per day.
Can you imagine how that would go now?
Mesmer healed people miraculously. Later this was dismissed as pure suggestion and out of Mesmerism Hypnosis was born. What Mesmer discovered, however, was more than just a suggestion, it was working with Energy / Fluid. One day he couldn’t do the individual work anymore and he built in 1780 the following: A British doctor who observed Mesmer, described the treatment group as follows: “a barrel placed in the middle of the room about half meters high named “the Baquet”. It is so large that twenty people could sit easily round it. At the edge of the lid were made holes that correspond to the number of people around Mesmers Baquet These holes are iron rods of different lengths are provided which were bent outwardly at right angles. This is to correspond to the part of the body on which they are applied. In addition to these rods, there is a rope that communicates between “the Baquet” and one of the patients. This is then passed to everyone so all of them has had the chance to hold it. The most noticeable effects are produced when Mesmer approaches. Who is said to convey the flow through certain hand or eye movements. This without touching the patient. I talked to several people who have experienced these effects. Who have convulsions that were removed by a hand movement … “


(Pictures of the Mesmer Baquet)

In our 3-day training you also discover that secret and strength and how to use it.
You will discover what Mesmer discovered at that time.
Now you can discover how you can use the old Mesmerism with magical hand movement.
No, we are not going to build a Baquet in the training!
e are going to build something much more unique!
We will make sure that you can do mesnerisme as strong as in Mesmer’s time or even stronger!
We will build your Mesmerism Skill!

By channeling Dr. Franz Mesmer, we have developed techniques that make it possible to do strong mesmerism without Baquet. These techniques will be offered in our training.
We also provide sufficient time to make the techniques work.
You will also learn how to work with large groups of people and everyone gets the same amount of energy like with the “Baquet”.
This technique will be
very interesting for public speakers, or all occupations with an audience.
But also for group sessions, group therapy,
or other groups with large number of people.

“If you want to learn this, now is your chance …”

In our unique 3-day Mesmerism training you can discover how to apply the magic of Mesmer.
How you can correct or change your life positively.
It is the lost key that you can now explore.

Key in Keyhole

Furthermore, you discover how to:
◾Make a deep energetic connection
◾Use Fascination (technique with the eyes)
◾How to do a Regression in 2 minutes
◾Pain can be resolved by the “Di Pisa” method
◾Energy Healing
◾How to magnetize people, animals
◾How to sharpen your intuition
◾How to prepare to see be clairvoyant, or feel and hear clear.
◾How you can send telepathic messages.
◾Trance states you can induce -30 sec. wordless!
◾Reaching the coma state in less than 2 minutes.
◾Instant anesthetic technique.
◾Technique to solve addictions
◾You can enjoy the deep states yourself
◾En so much more …

Pain removed in a few seconds!
You probably can’t imagine this. But it’s possible.
Many people don’t believe they can learn this.

It is true that our previous training was sold out very quick.

For the next Animal Magnetism, Mesmerism & 2 in 1 Training:
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Thomas Scheers is trained in this form of Magic and Hypnosis & has more than 25 years experience in energy work. In recent years he has been working more and more with the old Mesmerism but in a new package. Thus become an authority in this area in recent years.

We have therefore adjusted the techniques to use them in the now, and this
in all areas in your life and that of your family and friends.
Live free! Enjoy life!

Brake free 3D man

“What do our students say…”

A Few Testimonials:

Thomas Scheers and Suc7. Actually, I can start with one sentence. Thomas had I not met, I now had not been so powerful in life. In March 2013, I followed the course Mesmerism with him. I thought to learn about mesmerism, learn to work with energies, learn to heal people. Not knowing that I would be healed. After all, it was fine with me! Yeah, I thought so, but subconsciously I slipped further and further. Everything I had seen I had tucked away, tucked away in order not to feel that pain. Thomas saw directly that all was not well with me. He saw that behind that smile much was hidden and he did not hesitate to help me. Through his treatment I came to many insights. Thomas had opened my heart and strength and energy have come in. I was able to give my grief a place and I felt increasingly powerful. I have completed the basic and master mesmerism training now and help other people. And you know what I find to be crazy? If you’ve done the first time courses, you can repeat them as often as you want. 100% for FREE!
Agnes Wielstra.

—————————————————————————————————– I have in September 2013 both mesmerism as the master mesmerism training done at Thomas Scheers. Mesmerism was new to me after I have been engrossed in Hypnosis and Quantum Hypnosis. The training was for me a real revelation. The clear explanations, practical examples, and it should always carry yourself with the various techniques of mesmerism, created an atmosphere in these courses that it was always fun to do. Thomas walked during these exercises around and looked at everything. He indicated instructions and feedback directly, which then turned out that what he indicated directly result was visible during the exercise. The relaxed way of training gave just a lot of fun and incentive to continue. Often it was a pity that the training because of the time ended, because you had no idea of ​​the time, as soon as the day went. What you can then use the techniques learned? You can do so much with it, you can help people by giving strength and confidence, you can heal people and get rid of ailments, but you learn above all know the power of yourself. How sweet is that! I go at least these workouts do it again to reinforce the techniques and maybe also about the second generation of us, my daughter, do these workouts because she sees how her father has turned positive. The latter mainly due to the way we work and communicate that you learn in this training. Thanks Thomas Scheers for this enrichment of myself and the other students. Amsterdam, January 14, 2014
Hennie Wallroth

—————————————————————————————————– Last year I joined Suc7 with training Javanese Mesmerism. This training was given by Dodie Magis and Thomas Scheers. I am together with some European colleagues one of the first Javanese mesmerists. The courses are practical and it’s incredible how much energy came loose during the 4-day training. From day one you get handed the secrets to heal people and really help. My father is witnessing. The man was then in the hospital and was discharged a week earlier because I brought it learned immediately into practice during my hospital visit in the evening after the training. Everything step by step and taught. Attracting energies with yourself started, Mantras for a better and loving life, attract good people and much more. From day 1, this course changed my life. Meanwhile I have completed the basic Mesmerism and western Mesmerism. I would do it again.
Thank you Thomas.
Love, Christel

—————————————————————————————————— For the day that Thomas asked, I was going to write something here. Do not know if it’s an editorial, but Anyway … In the course / training Mesmerism given by Thomas Scheers if I find that there is a real upgrade can take place at various levels. It is both a personal process as a joint learning process. Focused on development, cooperation, and individuality. That brings it all together to further bundles about a better quality of life. Are actively engaged in life, which means that there is an awareness of a higher level of function. It is the experience and the experience of a training or treatment given by Thomas that makes you discovered something again, you knew it existed, but did not have the knowledge to disposal. Techniques that you learn to deal with energy, playing with colors, have pleasure in helping others. An advertising slogan of a particular car brand on TV is “Restart your heart” .Goes about the feeling of driving that car. “Restart your heart” go on in this place. The correct key, then start, and then the feeling of kick down the gaspedal. Fun-enjoy-Happiness-satisfaction-confidence, and lots of experience more Suc7, Tom cruise control;-) For me a wish came true, and I remain grateful for it!

—————————————————————————————————– Hello my name is Astrid Scheepers and I followed the basic training and Master of Magnetism at Thomas Scheers Suc7. It has completely changed my life in a positive way. It’s hard to believe what you will learn all about energy, captivating, focus and be present. In a very calm and loving way slowly into another energy put by Thomas and learn what you can do with this energy and how to attract different energies. I had several years of experience with Reiki and Shamballa and was very curious about the training and what I could learn. Well, I soon found that I could still learn a lot from Thomas. The training has already exceeded my expectations !! You learn the basic also different protocols to end addictions and to remove pain . You also learn exercises to increase your clairvoyance to see aura`s and better to come into your strength and lots more. Too many to mention here. In short, a WORLD training. Thomas thanks to this overwhelming experience.
Astrid Scheepers

—————————————————————————————————–Tom offered me a healing for a foot injury. I thought ok, if it does not benefit than it surely will not harm me either. In no time I was ready again and I could go back to work. So Thomas treated my ailment by magnetism the result was amazing, I felt very different after the treatment with a mind that could do everything, and a head that was empty for a change. The torn ligament in my foot was better, I finally could not go to work fort a week instead of much longer and felt reborn. Clever piece of craftsmanship if you ask me!
Regards Vicky

“What is the investment?”
NOT € 1.497
What is a correct price!

EVEN NOT € 1.397
What would be a beautiful Promotion

ONLY 1.250
If you sign in Today

Book now to secure your place

It is an investment, but I guarantee you that this investment that you make it’s easy to get it back. You discover strategies that enable you to get much faster results in people and you can imagine what that means … Because I’m so sure this is going to give you much value I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied on Day 1 and if you do not get what you want, you get your money back. It might sound corny but I only want happy customers. If you are unhappy then I do not even want you to go further!
I hope you’ve learned something that day.

100 Satisfaction
NO risk and
100% Satisfaction

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Warm energetic greetings
Thomas Scheers
Mesmerism & Magnetism Global Master Trainer

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