This page can change your life!
Only continue reading
If you want to develop really fast.

Arcturians channeled devices to purify, to protect, to deprogram and to program.
To boost your abilities because of it’s Arcturian coding, all here for you!

Wake up, and become
who you are meant to be!

If everyone in this planet was kind and loving there would be no problem at all.
We are enslaved in a system controlled by sophisticated technology.
Used by the Kabal and illuminati.
So break free and live instead of been lived by others.
Most of the people are no longer in chains they are in debt.
How they can do this to us? And we keep a big smile on our faces?

Mind control, H.a.a.r.p, Chemtrails, fluoride, Nano chips, implants,
Blocking our DNA strains, disturbing our health in all ways possible.
Also lookup morgellons it starts itching already?
Drinking water and processed foods are full of bad things for our body.
Notice all the news about vaccins
99% of all prepared clinical injections containing chips to controle you.
Maybe you have heard about the chipping of people?
Don’t worry you are chipped already.
Also look for Arcturians and what we are doing on earth.

Stop being a slave and free yourself,
You are a Spirit having this Earth experience

The Arcturians Devices:

The pendant:

This device can be worn day and night.
Like all the other devices it’s 100% waterproof.
It has no batteries inside and you don’t need to charge it or cleansing it.
This technology can be used by your children and the children of your children.
It will help you protect, purify and help you fight the external influences.
If you want an Arcturians healing this pendant is needed
14 days before the 5 day healing sessions*

to keep your energy in the right high level.
All the devices are constantly updated trough the Cosmos.

It comes with a nylon cord please do not replace it with any metal because it will
cut of your energy.
Our Pendant is the smallest but don’t underestimate it’s power.
This pendant is 63mm long and 11mm in diameter.
The price for The Pendant is 247€ (excl.Shipping and taxes)

“All devices are channeled Arcturians technology, 
far a head from what we know today”

The Healer:

This device can be used to heal yourself or others.
It’s more powerful than the Pendant.
It operates in the same way like the pendant but stronger in intensity.
Man can sleep with it in the Left hand.  Woman in the right hand.
Positive pole always facing up.
Like the Pendant it’s activated and programmed to help you with healing
purifying, program or deprogram whatever you want to do.
If you use the Healer all work will be done faster in time.
When it takes 2 minutes to bring your food in biogenic condition with The Pendant. The healer only needs 60sec.

This device is 108mm long and has a diameter of 25mm
The price for The Healer is 397€ (excl. Shipping and taxes)

“Every disease in the body is a program
use our hardware to deprogram your software”

The Biotensor:

This Biotensor works like a pendulum or other Biotensor.
The difference with other Biotensor:  it works with the same programming and activation like our other devices so they are connected with each other energetically. With the Biotensor it’s possible to work much faster because it will tell you when you can go to the next program in your healing.
If you don’t like to work with a Biotensor you can work 2-3 minutes on every program. It happens that some programs are cleared in a few seconds using the Biotensorsaves you a lot of time.
So if your time is money this device can bring you time and money.

This Biotensor is 294mm long and has a diameter of 25mm
The price for this amazing tool is 397€ (excl.Shipping and taxes)


This device is a must have!
We tested the water before and after using the Aquarius.
The results are mind blowing.  It purifies the water, and charge the water
so it’s full of energy.  You actually can see the energy in the water like small bubbles. Just connect this to your house water system and you have purified and charged water. The quality of the water is much higher than filtered water or ozon or ionized water. You can also use less chemicals and soap to clean or wash yourself. The water in your swimming pool needs less chlorine or chemicals.
So it’s not only helping you from the inside, it also helps you from the outside.

Recently we have tested an Aquarius Device on the fuel line in our car while we drove almost 1000km the car was less thirsty: -1 liter over 100 km.
Same driving conditions.

So the Aquarius is a must have at home/car/boat/mobile home or in your practice. It’s 127 mm long and has a diameter of 25 mm
The price of the Aquarius is 697€ (excl. Shipping and taxes)

Merlin’s Staff:

You like to do magic?
This Merlin’s staff is what you need.
It can be used in healing or just to sleep with it.
Man need to put left hand near positive pole right hand to negative pole.
Woman put right hand on positive pole and left hand on negative pole.
The energy in woman and men circulates differently that’s why it’s a little different. Charge yourself completely in 10-15 min.
Or program or deprogram very fast.
This Merlin’s Staff can protect you in a radius of 100 m. or 50 m. in all directions.
Radiation, 5G, 4G, 3G, negativity and keep away all radiation you don’t need.

In combination with the Healer this is what you need as a healer.
It’s 510mm long and has a diameter of 25mm.
The price from this incredible powerful device is 897€ (excl. Shipping and taxes)

How to use our devices:

All devices have a Positive 3-line etching and the
Negative pole 2-line etching.
Use the Positive pole on the Navel to build something up
for example immune system, chi, Consciousness,…
ALWAYS building up trough the navel.

Simply have the intention to build up, in your mind or out loud just say:
Build up Chi (or whatever you want to build up)”

Use the Negative pole to lead something out from your body.
Use the Heart for all trauma related to interaction with other humans or life forms.
In this life or past life or existences.
Use the pain point or navel for all other things you want to lead out.

Have the intention or say in your mind or out loud:
“Lead out trauma from past lives* on all levels and all dimensions”
Traumas have to be lead out trough the Heart always.

*You can also lead out other things needed to be healthy again or give yourself the full potential to grow. Or to unplug from the Matrix.

Pendant vs our other devices:

With the Pendant small healing is possible.
The other devices make almost everything possible.
You can bring your drinks, food, supplements into Biogene condition.
This means it’s safe to use for your body to eat or drink what you like the most.
Only the pendant is not strong enough to go trough plastic bottles!
Have the full potential to grow and be healthy.

Fun story about the Pendant:

A friend of mine still drinks alcohol and he used his pendant to bring every beer he drank into biogene condition.  He did not got drunk after the same amount of beer he normally consumes.
This is not all!!! He went home and met some people with a blue line car. He lost all color in his face while they asked him some silly questions like “if he had consumed alcohol…”
The machine they had said he was not using alcohol, he could go to the next bar…
He was very surprised and he got his color back. He went to bed.

How to order:

Just click the order button under the Arcturians device you like and an Email opens.
Send us Your:
full name & adres
Your best phone number & Email adres
Your desired payment option:
Wired transfer,  Paypal or Western Union.

Normally the shipping takes 10-30 days.

The price and duration for shipping is depending on the weight and the destination. Please pay the taxes in your country.

The moment we get your order we calculate the shipping costs.
We will send you an email with the payment info you have chosen ASAP.

The products will be shipped when we have received your payment.

!!! Special offer !!!

1 x The Pendant
2 x Healer
1 x Biotensor
1 x Aquarius
1 x Merlin’s Staff


Get FREE bonusses!
FREE distant healing, normally 100€


We check you and your house for negativity
and clear this out normally 75€
Now FREE of charge in this offer.

Only for the first 7 people

The normal price for all our devices and the Workshop
and all the bonus material would be
€ 2.772 It’s more than a fair price
But today we do something really special for YOU!

If you order all our devices Today
you only pay 

€ 2.397
(excl. Shipping & Taxes)

This is what the tools can do:

Arcturians coded and programmed
ready to use devices

Arcturians are helping humanity.  Not only they are protecting but also healing humans. From the many Alien species on Earth the Arcturians are from the highest levels of development. In Google you can find many pictures of Arcturians but please don’t let them scare you.
They only want to help and the following list is proving this.
Trough channeling they send us the programs to work on, to neutralize or completely remove.
On the other hand they send us programs to help us grow.
Have a look and feel free to work on the programs with the Arcturians devices.

This is a list from what it can do on the highest level:

-Clear and block astral infiltration
-Remove the holographic projector
-Restore, clean and bring back the Diamond body
-Activate the 12 DNA strands
-Activation of the circulatory system and re-connection with ancestors
-Reconnecting the endocrine system with the planets
-Clean and restore the light access wheels
-Crystal and Core energy restoring
-Clearing frequency infiltrated waves radiation from X-Ray, airports, WiFi, new age and religion
Reiki, Shambala, symbols, magic and many others.
-Neutralizing Morgellons and removing the programming
-Enteric target trance inducer and enteric trance inducer clearing and removing
-AI possession & AI implants removal
-Parasitic nano-tech,  backup systems, nano GPS, nano slice spheres, nano bots, weaponized nano-tech,
nano slice receptors, camouflage tech, AI intelligence, nano shields, toxins, enteric nano, bots removal
-Clearing the 5 keys
-Clearing 24 dimensional lock down
-Clearing the sensory nerve
-Cleaning soul charts, collecting and restoring stolen soul stuff from all places
-Imposter posing as false aspects of our self clearing and purifying
-Removing overlays
-Returning & reconnecting telepathic nervous system
-Removing in worst case the maximum of 33 fybromyalgia points
-33 energy meridians purifying and activation
-Cleaning 33 Metamorphic points
-Restoring emphatic DNA
-Restoration /reducing of the frontal lobe
-Restoring the 24 Universal dimensional bodies
-Universal heart unlocking, healing and returning
-clearing out all contracts, obligations, agreements for conscious limitation
-3D confinement removal in the brain
-Activation of our abilities
-Connecting the 12 DNA strands to our life form energy body
-Clearing the quantum computer
-Bringing back the spirit bodies
-Neuro matrix removal & purifying
-True genetic essentially 5 program clearing
-Removing memory from brain, spinal cord, neurological pathways and our DNA
-Body communication nervous system purifying
-Clearing the belly brain
-Clearing and reversing the aging program and its backup system
-Satanic demonic purifying our systems incl. Incubus & Succubus
-False protectors of construct in the subconscious
-Dissimulation of higher constitutions
-Activation of the 24 DNA connection with the neuropathways
-33 Avatar consciousness activation
-Bringing back the infinity body
-Bringing back the spirit and soul connection
-Recollecting all life force energy from all places
-Auric field Restoration
-Fibromyalgia points removal
-33 Metamorphic transformational portal Restoration
-Body DNA restoring and activating
-Avatar DNA restoring and activating

We will provide a worksheet with together with your delivery,
helping and guiding you to work on all different aspects.

This Bio Energetica / Arcturian devices are
Fast, Powerful and Easy to use.

Have an Arcturian blessed day Full of Light and Love.

Bel mij!
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