Secret Personal Development Training:

Tenaga Dalm, Magnetism from Java combined with Inner Power & Gendam. The Secret & Ultimate combination!

This program is only for people who know there is much more in life.  Only those who are ready to discover this knowledge and secrets are invited into this journey.

Secret personal development is always a combination of High secret knowledge in this combination. You will get: Tenaga Dalm, Magnetism, Inner Power and Gendam. This could sound unknown to you. It’s not abnormal if it is like that.  These techniques are hidden and very secret knowledge from Java. They are kept secret for a very long time.  Only a few people know of the existence of this knowledge.
Now it’s possible to get initiated into this secret knowledge. 

The silent hidden power. So now you can use this power in your life to.
If you like some REAL Magic in your life this could be the Magic you are looking for…

It’s our goal to offer you the most amazing experience you can never forget.  This could be the start of your brand new magical life.
You will see, feel and experience things you can not imagine for now.  The training and practice will help you to become stronger in all levels of your life.
If you are a healer or a sales person or even a boss in a company.  Whatever you do you can become more strong in it.  You will also attract more and more  success and luck.  You can start to take control over your life for the very first time.

This Secret personal development location

We will stay in the beautiful nature of Java.
And eat natural and healthy foods and drink natural healthy juices.
We will sleep in an amazing resort in nature.
Everything is included and it’s all traditional style.

Our Magical program:

You will get 2 trainers to help you
get rid off old pain and trauma.
To jump into your new life full of magical events.

The first Trainer is Adji He is a Direct lineage of Gendam, Innerpower, Magnetism and Tenaga Dalm
He will teach you all the secret knowledge.
(Second from the left)

The one on the left is your second trainer Thomas Scheers
International Master Traininer in Mesmerism & Magnetism for Suc7
We will stay with you during your stay 24/7 and we are there to help you.
In the evening we also like to sit together and enjoy talking about life and interesting practice.  But most of all we are interested in you to know the real you!

We will organize an info evening for this Magical event.
If you like to participate, push the button under here. 
So we can invite you if all places are taken.


Only € 2.997 All included 7 day training program combined with Excursion, All transfers, Hotel + food

(Your Airplane ticket is NOT incl.)

Airport: Ahmad Yani International Airport Semarang ( central of java )

Bel mij!
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