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Trainer program in Personal Development:

The Trainer program is for people who want to become a trainer in Mesmerism & Magnetism classes.
After our Trainer Program they you are able to train other people all over the world.
All of our participants who joined our other classes are now capable of helping clients,
friends and Family.
Without The Trainer Program they aren’t certified to TRAIN other people!

The Trainer Program will not be for everyone and we also have some conditions
to do the Trainer Program:

We can’t allow everyone in this Trainer program
You need different skills to prepare and initiate other people.
If you want to train other people you need our Trainer program
To Personally develop 100%
Personal Master & Grand master included

Only to make sure the quality is guaranteed to all
participants of Mesmerism and Magnetism.

We do not certify people who are not trained by ourselves.
It’s not just a Certificate thing,
all of our Trainers did all the levels of training + Personal Master & Grand Master training.
In other words the Trainer program.

They have to prove to us that they are capable to organize personal trainings,
as a part of the Trainer program.
We definitely don’t focus on Quantity we focus on Quality.

“We decided to Train a maximum
of 10 Trainers ONLY!

Do you want to be one of them?”

How to become a Trainer:

1.You need to participate in all of our trainings at least once.
2.You follow and pass our Trainer program
3.You organise trainings together with a certified Trainer to practice your training skills.
4.When you finished all these steps you will get your Trainer Certificate and
you are able to train international with or without our support.

As long as you stick to our program we will back you up.
You will get access to our free updates
for the rest of your life.
We made the program in a special way so people can grow step by step.

If you want to use your own program or other programs then we will stop working together
completely and you will lose your privilege to the free updates.
We want the same content in every Training all over the world.
If you want to organise a Mesmerism, Master Mesmerism, Ultimate Javanese Magnetism or Advanced Ultimate Javanese Training it’s better to stick to our program.
This is the only way to use our name and branding!

Training with us is like a Team mission/vision.
If you share our mission/vision we are glad to share our knowledge with you.


This is why people can’t copy what we are doing
Don’t lose time, energy or money on copycats…


In the world there are plenty of thieves and copycats


All over the world we find people who saw a video of us
And after watching they are a Master in Mesmerism and Magnetism?
Interesting to see, when people are that fast in learning new skills.

The thing that worries us the most is the quality of the material they are offering.

So people can buy the fake program first and later they can come and buy the original.
But you are losing Time, Money and Energy

If you are smart and I believe you are otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.
You could start your Personal Development Trainer Training
and choose the real deal right from the start.

Ok, how to become a Trainer?

We have this Personal development and
Trainer program especially for You!

You can do our Trainer program now:
12 Days of TOP Training

Mesmerism 3 Days
Master Mesmerism OR Ultimate Javanese Magnetism 3 Days
Advanced Ultimate Javanese Magnetism 3 Days
Personal Master 1,5 Days
Grand Master 1,5 Days
(repeat all this Trainings 100% FREE)
Free Updates
for the rest of your life
When you are ready you can start to organise trainings
So we can give you full support
All initiation protocols
To get your participants
into the highest level possible
For the best results

Now this fantastic
Personal Development Trainer program
will be only € 6.997


The Bonus is only for the first 5 People
who register to become a Trainer

“Free updates for the rest of your life!”

If you did all of our trainings….
You only need the Personal Master
& Grand Master training and organise some Trainings
to get your full International Trainer certification.

If you had some trainings with us before

The upgrade price to Trainer will be the difference
from the total Personal Development Trainer program
and what you have payed until now for your trainings with us.

This is one of the most exclusive offers in the world!
You will not find this offer somewhere else
We have limited this offer to only 10 People

Dodie and myself have traveled the world and we have spent a lot of Time, money

and energy to search the right knowledge from the original sources.
In fact we are still looking for improvements

This means we had to pay for airplane tickets, Hotels, Training, Trainer programs.
Only to offer you the best of the best.
So if you believe that we ask a high price think about the high
you are paying now because you can’t use our full knowledge yet!

Faster – Better – Stronger

The real deal

Only our Certified Trainers have the right and ability to teach our program
and techniques and use our materials to represent
Mesmerism & Ultimate Javanese Magnetism.

Only 4 Certified International
Mesmerism & Magnetism Trainers
in The whole World:

In Belgium: Francois Calcus, Jimmy Lanssens, Thomas Scheers,
meimmaweb 13260001_1284318554929496_9125702786842339177_n 13509659_1255487797802451_1266046930_o

In Australia Timothy John Thorton,
In Indonesia Founder of Javanese Magnetism : Dodie Magis

Do you like Mesmerism and Magnetism and do you want to be part of our Team?
Spreading Mesmerism & Magnetism all over the world.

You can register for our Trainer Program!
Trainer program

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