The Pendant:
When your pendant arrives, you will first adjust the length of the string that it is attached to
so that the pendant will rest in front of the sternum or breastbone.
Untie the string and tie it back so that the pendant will rest on this area and will be touching the skin.
You may cut the string and burn the ends to seal the knot. If you wish to replace the string replace it with either a leather cord or a silk or nylon string but not a metal chain. A metal chain will cut off energy in the body if it is touching the pendant. When you first receive the pendant after adjusting the length of the string, you will want to wear it for 14 days straight. This will attune your body and energy field to the vibration of the pendant. This pendant never needs to be charged or cleared. And it will be working 24/7 to maintain and keep clear and positive your auric field while you are wearing it. It is recommended that you continue to wear the pendant all the time. You may also keep it in your pocket or wear it in your bra if you don’t wish to keep it on the string at all times. If you do this make sure that the positive side is facing up.
The positive side of the pendant is the round side and the negative side of the pendant is the flat side.
The positive side maybe used to build up the immune system for example or bring in positive energy or neutralize and create a biogenic environment either in the body or in the object it is touching. This is done by making contact with the positive side of the pendant to either the body or the object itself. The same applies for the negative side of the pendant which can be used for clearing or removing toxins, energies etc. Use your intention when adding or clearing as to your desired result. And you may also speak your intention out loud for example
“remove, clean and clear on all levels and dimensions”.
If you wish to release trauma and blocked emotions this is done  by making contact to the heart area with the negative pole of the pendant and holding there for approximately three minutes or until you feel a shift or have dowsed that the change has been made. You may place the positive end on your glass or plate to simply neutralize the food or beverage making it biogenic, the most optimal form for the body.
The pendant will constantly keep clear and heal the auric field approximately 1 meter out from the body.
Negative energies cannot penetrate your field while you are wearing this pendant it is possible that beings that are choosing to crossover may use the light of the pendant to do so and this will not affect you in anyway negatively but will be a benefit to those beings.
If you wish to charge and activate your crystals you may Touch the Crystal with the positive side of the pendant for approximately 1 to 3 minutes. However, if the crystals that you are using are within range of your auric field then they are currently being charged and activated.
For optimal personal results it is recommended to wear the pendant or keep it on your body at all times.

The healer:
The healer is similar to the pendant but more powerful. It can be used in all of the same ways. You can determine the positive side of the healer because it is the side with three bars and slightly rounded top. If carrying the healer in your pocket or on your body you must make sure that the positive side is facing up. The healer will clear and create healing energy in a medium sized room. And when clearing removing neutralizing or adding energies the healer will work much faster. When using the healer in this way the approximate time necessary is one minute. Like it’s name, the healer is perfect for doing healing work or bodywork. The healer can actually remove and neutralize the fibromyalgia points in the body. In using this technique it is good to start with the client in a face down position beginning with the feet. If you’re working with a man you would begin either with the left leg or left arm if working with a woman you would begin with the right arm or right leg. Use the negative side first to remove the toxins from the body and the positive side to add healing energy and bring the body back in balance. Using each side for the same amount of time. One minute in each side is a good place to start.
While wearing the healer you can sit in a room and literally clear and raise the frequency of everyone around you. This is also an amazing healing tool to use on your clients and as with the pendant and other tools, a great way to make sure the food and water you put into your body is of optimal quality and benefit for your body and your loved ones as well.

The Aquarius brings water and other liquids into biogenic condition. Because our bodies are 70%
water it is vital to our health that the water that we drink and use is pure. This can be achieved by using the Aquarius and is half the cost of big name water filtration systems. In addition to the low cost you never have to change a filter and the Aquarius last forever. Testing has been done and the conclusion was that the Aquarius cleaned the water 20 times more effectively than the all of the  popular systems on the market. By attaching the Aquarius
to the in coming water supply outside of the home you are essentially cleaning, neutralizing and supercharging all of the water being used in your home. In fact the water heater uses less electricity and gas when using this water because it is in optimal condition. When installing make sure the positive side faces the street. When the water supply comes in vertical the positive side from the Aquarius have to face up. After placement it will take about one week to clean the water supply in the house before it is safe to drink. You may also use additional filters if you wish but it’s  not necessary.
You can combine the Aquarius with other filtration or optimization systems without any problem.
This is an invaluable tool that will keep the water for you and your family safe for years and years.


The Biotensor:
The biotensor is the perfect healing tool. It has all of the qualities of the healer with a biotensor attached to the top. So while using your healing tool on your client you may check in to get a yes or no as to whether the session is complete. It is essentially two tools in one.

The Merlin’s Staff:

The Merlin The Merlin is the most powerful of all of the Arcturian devices. It radiates positive energy and all directions healing and charging up everything in its field. The field of the Merlin is approximately 100 m or 328 feet. The Merlin does everything that all of the other tools do except faster and stronger. For example the Merlin will clear your food and water by touching to your plate or glass in 10 – 30 seconds. It will make your food in biogenic condition within half a day of being in your home. This magical staff can be used in healing work as well. Place the Merlin between the legs positive Side facing the body for a full body healing session. You may also sit in a chair and place the Merlin behind you positive side up. If you choose to sleep with the Merlin or the healer men will hold in their left hand and women will hold in the right. Keeping the Merlin in your home is a good way to keep the energy clear and of high vibration in your environment, your food, your water and everyone in the home.  Charging yourself with Merlin.
For men: Left hand +pole Right hand -Pole
Lady’s: Right hand + pole Left hand -Pole
When work with clients let them roll over the Merlin with the feet to activate all the organs.
For man + have to be on Left foot,  For lady’s + pole on the right foot
Same when the Merlin is placed on the legs.  put some pressure on hands and Merlin.
Most important part end of the fingers until before the wrist
For man + have to be on Left hand,  For lady’s + pole on the right hand.
Make sure when you have this devices in your house you always put them standing up +
pole up!  Otherwise you attract negative energy.
So let’s keep it positive.
Have fun with it and feel free to experiment with the tools.
If you found something what worked very well please let me know.


Light and love to you all.



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