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When we speak of animal Magnetism, we are not referring to actual magnets like in the above picture. No! We are talking about the Magnetism in human beings. It is interesting to know that you can increase your Magnetism! Magnetism in human beings, flows similarly to magnetism in magnets.


flow of energy in human

We are all energy, and you can learn how to work with that energy and Magnetism, if you want to. First, we have to work on our sensitivity, by which we can feel the other person’s energy field. When practicing Magnetism, you are sending energy from your hands to spots in the other person’s body and you keep your hands in position. It is up to you to touch or not to touch the other person. You can pull pain from the other person’s body or you can absorb it, although I do not advise the latter. In Mesmerism, we sometimes see the practitioner do passes (striking the energy). It’s a little bit different.  When you practice Magnetism, the painful spot in the other person body can warm up or feel colder.  This is a reaction to the energy or Magnetism. If you know you have strong power in your hands, you can relieve someone’s headache.

Take away headache

Let me explain how to do this: One hand on the forehead and the other hand in the nape of the neck. Let your energy flow and imagine a bright white light between your hands. You can also do this on both sides of the head . Set your intention (what you want in your heart=remove the headache). Empty your mind, once you have set your intention. If you would like to understand how this is possible, read on.


When we make a connection we entangle energy fields

Whenever we do this, we can interact with other people on an energetic level. If you are already sensitive, I am sure you sometimes notice a change in your mood, when you sit close to positive or negative people. You can be influenced. This is why you need to understand and feel what is your energy, and what is the other person’s energy.  I see more and more people becoming sensitive and they don’t know why they have these mood changes.  This is one possible explanation and we can help you to understand this and work with it!

So, when you train your Magnetism seriously, at a certain moment you can feel the energy flowing out of your hands.  This comes with a physical sensation, warm or cold or some other sensation. When your Magnetism becomes very strong, people can even see a Blue energy coming out of your hands and mostly out of your finger tips!  You can see the energy even more clearly when you do this in a darkened room! This natural ability is more or less present in every one and the good news is that we can train it . If you are a parent, I am sure you have helped your child sometimes by putting your hand on your child’s head or belly to make the pain disappear … Congratulations !!! You did Magnetism!!!

So how are Mesmerism and Magnetism related ?

Magnetism is the energy and Mesmerism is the art to work with that Magnetism energy. Magnetism is a part of Mesmerism. In Mesmerism we use techniques, but we also use understanding of the elements, awareness/Presence, Hermetics, gazing and Fascination. So, if you feel you have healing hands but you don’t know what to do with them… We would love to help you discover your possibilities in our training.

Not only human beings have a Magnetic field!

Our planet Earth also has a Magnetic Field! The Earth Magnetic Field. The magnetic field of the Earth looks a lot like the magnetic field off the human body. It looks like a donut!  Animals, trees and everything in the universe has a Magnetic field! This is why we are also interested in the elements and Hermetics.
magnetisme handen2

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But I must warn you about some side effects when practicing Magnetism.
Your charisma will grow,
You will find yourself more often in the right place at the right time;
You become a luck magnet,
You will be sick less often or hardly ever get sick at all.
People will seek you out and want to be with you;
You will attract more positive people and things, just to name a few ..
but, as you can see, these side effects are hardly anything  to worry about .
It’s perfectly safe for you and you will discover your full potential!

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Kind regards Thomas


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