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What is Mesmerism?

Mesmerism can be considered to be the forgotten Art!
In these times, where people start to recognize their full potential, mesmerism is the energetic way to assist people on their path. Mesmerism is not tied to any religion, so anyone and everyone can practice this Art.

If you are waking up or feel in any way that you are starting to take control of your life… This blog post will be most helpful to you!

On the Internet, you will often find videos about mesmerism, showing people dropping to the floor.
If you don’t know what is going on in these videos, I admit they can be shocking to watch. People often tell me, before a Mesmerism treatment, it is the strongest “Manipulation” they have ever seen in their entire life! But, is this really true?
The answer is NO! Let me explain why it is not about “manipulation”. Just like in hypnosis, you keep full power of control. You notice everything that is happening, but the thing is, you don’t care! It is almost like the body no longer exists. That is why we can take a lighter and heat the palm and people give no reaction. However, when you are in the middle of her treatment and there’s a fire in the building, you will be able to respond adequately! You are in control, no doubt about it.
So why do those people ‘collapse’? That is a very interesting question! When we are working with people, they are able to “let go”. In many treatments, in mesmerism, hypnosis or other modalities, “letting go” is most important. We guide you into the deeper state, but YOU make it happen. So when you feel better afterwards, you can really credit yourself! You are doing the work!

You can experience the coma state in hypnosis, and people can go even deeper. On these levels it is possible to help people make some changes.
We operate on the subconscious level; some call it deep trance, others deep relaxation…
mesmerismus transparant

But what to do when this “Trance State”, makes you feel apprehensive or if it downright scares you?
Let me ask you this: have you ever heard of the “runner’s high”? TV- Trance or Book Trance or…. Any kind of trance? When you are in a trance state, your mind and your brain frequencies change! When we are awake, we have Beta waves and the brain, like you can see in the picture below.

So when we mesmerize, people can go into Theta, and even into Delta. You can experience the deeper states and the more relaxing states, simply by allowing yourself to do so. In the Delta states, which we experience in our sleep, we can heal and rejuvenate ourselves and this happens every night! Just during regular sleep, without using drugs! So this is why we want to reach these deeper states.

And you can go even deeper, if you really let go!


What do you think will happen, if you are in a Gamma state where healing and problem solving is done easily and instantly? Most of the people we work with, even for the first time, want to know how it feels like to be in those states, and this is okay. Up till now everyone has wanted to stay longer in these states and to go even deeper! Very interesting! After some experiences with Mesmerism, people know they can “Let Go”, and when they allow themselves to do this, real magic happens! When we guide you into these states, most of the time we start with gazing or Fascination (staring into your eyes). Some people are still struggling with the EGO, and don’t like losing the battle; this is a big misunderstanding! You are only fighting yourself. We are trained to gaze and do fascination. You can start to experience Mesmerism if you decide to let go, the moment you close your eyes you will be going into the direction of Gamma waves.

So, when you start to learn this Art, the most important thing for practitioner to know is how it feels like to be in these deep levels; so we know where we want to guide our clients. But do we need to the Gamma state every time? No, we don’t. Some changes can be made in less deep states!

To be a Mesmerist is a way of life! When we start to live from our true potential, it means we dissolve all the layers that cover up our true potential!
Going to the center

People are able to achieve so much more and we are capable of doing more than what we ever thought was possible. When someone eliminates his/her limiting beliefs, psychology, fears and all other limitations, he/she can live from their true potential!
Feel free and in complete control.

If our center is protected with a concrete wall around it, we “feel” safe; but we are also limited in many ways. This is not really how you want to live your life, now, isn’t it? From the moment we go to school, we learn to label everything, attach emotion to everything. We learn about time and place and duality and that sort of nonsense. We learn about concepts. We are to taught to understand everything! We need proof for everything. If we can’t prove it, it doesn’t exist. This is also a limiting belief!

Looking at the above picture, we can ask ourselves if we really need all those beliefs, all those understandings and all those fears. I believe we don’t!
And if you are still with me, you can live the same way! And feel really free and 100% in control. I can decide to do anything and everything and keep myself free of beliefs, psychology and fear.

This is not what the government wants you to do!
Sheeple 7 (R)

First you have to decide if you want to be a sheep for the rest of your life. Or, do you want to be a Mesmerist?
Every one has true potential; it is not a gift and it means that you too can learn to become a Mesmerist and this is very good news!

From a very young age, I was already interested in the true potential of humans. My father is my greatest idol and he taught me how to live life and get the most out of everything.
Not everyone has had the same level of education, but please don’t blame your parents; they only teach you from what they have been taught themselves.

We had a book collection in our living room and at first it was very hard to understand the contents. We had books on quantum mechanics, physics but also Alpha training, Magic, NLP, hypnosis and YES Mesmerism and Magnetism.
So I started to read at a very young age and learned a lot and I have created my own backpack with techniques and understandings that help me and other people. I was also fascinated to find the source. I have seen many Art forms, where things are created out of something else and everyone has their own interpretation. I like things to be in their most original form.

This is how I also discovered there are different paths. The actual goal of the spiritual path is the same for all, but there are many different roads one can travel and one may even travel without a road. Sometimes the common goal is hard to recognize, because of all the various descriptive terms people use. We all have different starting points, different preferences and different opportunities. Many spiritual travelers will not expect to reach their goal in this present lifetime, and others may realize they really do not need to travel anywhere to reach their destination.

Some of the more-defined roads we know of, are the various forms of Yoga, the Tao. the Gnostic teachings, the Rosicrucian’s and various ancient and modern Mystery Schools. Although the Mystics are regarded as a distinct group, they really traveled their own individual paths.
Nowadays, Ascension teachings in books and channeled guidance attract many followers. These teachings have evolved from the writings of the Theosophical Society since the end of the 19th century.

From another perspective, we can see two different approaches that often intermingle on each individual spiritual path. One is the path of the Doer or the Magus, and the other is the path of the Knower or the Mystic. The Doer mainly works as a healer, alchemist or white magician in the world, trying to master the non- physical energies and forces. The Mystic on the other hand, mainly follows the inner path, seeking union with the Divine Self and becomes a Knower and Teacher in the process.

However, ultimately, Knower and Doer become one. In Mesmerism, the Doer and Mystic are one and that is why it feels good to be a Mesmerist.


The Ascension teachings are a New Age phenomenon and largely based on channeled teachings and started with Madame Blavatsky, and resulted in the foundation of the Theosophical Society in the 19th century. Aim of these teachings is to present a greatly accelerated path to Ascension.

Ascension is the overall aim and achievement off the spiritual path. Ascension means that we are no longer in need of experiences at the human level. We develop a spiritual light body through our ascension work for our continuing progress towards higher levels of consciousness.
Nowadays, Ascension teachings mainly focus on guided imagery to open, balance and extend the chakra system and build a light body.

A key feature in these teachings is the system of initiations that measure our progress on the spiritual path. These initiations take place in our higher energy bodies and may or may not be remembered with our regular body consciousness. Although there are various ways of counting, the basic requirements for passing the five initiations before Ascension are:

  1. Spiritual Awakening.
  2. Purifying the body, learning to work with the energies and controlling the etheric body.
  3. Purifying and controlling the emotions as well as developing a higher emotional body.
  4. Purifying and controlling the mind as well as developing a higher mental body.
  5. Submitting the will to Divine Guidance.
  6. Selfless work for the greater good of humanity.
  7. Ascension.

In the past, initiations in the physical body took place in the farm of tests and rituals within secret societies, but nowadays they seem to be incorporated as specific situations in our normal life.
For example, the third initiation requires for us to have good control of the mental, emotional and etheric forces. In ancient Egypt, an appropriate test might’ve been for the disciple to demonstrate that he could control and untamed lion with his mind and the lion obeying him. At the slightest sign of fear, the lion would kill him.

The modern equivalent might be a diagnosis of advanced and incurable cancer. To overcome this without a lot of outside help, one needs to use the mind constructively to guide the emotions in a positive way, release all negativity, and especially to be free of the fear of death and also learn to direct the life-force energies in guided imagery. Although only a small number of sufferers of advanced incurable diseases may have been given their condition as an initiation test, most of the people who did recover from these conditions, reportedly have profound spiritual experiences.

I hope you now have a better understanding of the Mesmerism Work and life! If you would like to be a part of it, you’re welcome to join one of our trainings.

Tell us where you live, and we will inform you of future Trainings in your area.

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See you soon!
Enjoy your life to the max!
Thomas Scheers


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