Aquarius Device



This device is a must have!
We tested the water before and after using the Aquarius.
The results are mind blowing. It purifies the water, and charge the water
so it’s full of energy. You actually can see the energy in the water like small bubbles.
Just connect this to your house water system and you have purified and charged water.
The quality of the water is much higher than filtered water or ozon or ionized water.
You can also use less chemicals and soap to clean or wash yourself.
The water in your swimming pool needs less chlorine or chemicals.

So it’s not only helping you from the inside, it also helps you from the outside.

Recently we have tested an Aquarius Device on the fuel line in our car
while we drove almost 1000km the car was less thirsty: -1 liter over 100 km.

Same driving conditions.

So the Aquarius is a must have at home/car/boat/mobile home or in your practice.
It’s 127 mm long and has a diameter of 25 mm



Clear water, Pure Drinking water, Energized Drinking water, Detoxed Drinking water


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