Time to clean

Yeah! Spring is in the air! Why should I?


You clean your room,
your house,
your car,
the entire house…

But what about you? Wouldn’t it be nice to clean up the inside of you? In the course of our life, we make quite a mess inside!

We see things we had better not seen, we hear things we had better not heard, say things we could have said better…

And this is only what we do to ourselves !

I haven’t even started about what you see, hear, feel in the street, at work or on TV! What the government says, the police men, the judge, or how about your ex? Al those things contribute to the way you are today!

Especially at a young age, we learn all kinds of stuff. We accumulate a lot of information. Our mind is very powerful! But if you enter data into a computer and it contains malware and viruses, it will not start up smoothly. Gradually it will slow down and will not be able to do what you want it to do… The same goes for our brain and body.

But we have a very sophisticated mind and body! We build up defence systems. Actually, our subconscious does this for us, most of the time to protect us! d-man-clean-web-concept-white-background-front-angle-view-41338670
So these defense mechanisms operate with the best of intentions, even though many of these defenses aren’t helping us any longer! They can even work against us, so we have to take a closer look at this. There’s nothing wrong with a good defense, but are we still okay with its, if the end result is that we no longer live a 100% free life? Or worse, if we feel a prisoner in our own body with beliefs, defenses and all kinds of stuff we don’t need in the first place?

Let me give you an example: If we have to do something, for example public speaking and before we go on stage, we get warm and cold all over, start to shiver, have dry mouth and the only thing we want to do is run for the hills …?!?! And our friend goes on stage and he is giving his speech and having a good time doing it ??? Chances are we how a defense system still running in the background! Maybe when we were much younger and had to speak in front of our class, something went wrong? And we have built up a defense system as a result of that experience…? But now that we have grown up, we would not need this defense system any longer and yet it is still active in the background. We have all kinds of defense systems consciously or unconsciously built up inside, as a result of all negativity we have experienced. It could be things people said to us, you can’t do that, or you are (fill in the blank), you will never be like so-and-so …. And I’m pretty sure we all have examples of our own.

But …people change…, we can learn…, become stronger…become more aware, more awake …
So today, we clean up!
Let’s clean up on the inside!
Let’s open up the doors and windows, put on some great music…HAHA like the real spring cleaning but in a slightly different way!
We clean up all the mess inside!
All video, audio, feelings, negativity; everything we no longer need!
We throw out the trash and clean up.


I have created a free exercise, especially for you. It takes less than 15minutes and it is fun to do. We work with energy and intention and will be letting go of the things that no longer serve us, the way they did in the past…

Intention is easy; when I say be in your left hand, notice how it feels to be in your left hand… When in the exercise, I tell you to breathe in through your feet, your intention is with your feet. Of course you breathe in normally through your mouth, I know! BUT your intention is to take in energy/breath in through your feet… And this Energy goes up and up and goes out of the top of your head. On its way it absorbs all negativity, all places you went with your feet and had better not gone to…or whatever is stored in there. Our aim is to move up and clean the entire body! I really encourage you to just do it and most importantly, to LET GO! Just use your imagination and do the exercise! For this exercise you just sit or lie down comfortably…

You can do this again whenever you feel in need of some cleaning.
I hope you enjoyed the exercise and if you really did, please share it with your friends and/or social media. This way I can see you really enjoyed it.

You can expect to notice a change in the days following this exercise, You will feel lighter or think differently in some cases. You will feel more happy! If you are driving in your leaned and polished car, how do YOU feel? Or you will do things differently. Whatever it is it’s good for you, so just let it go. Just enjoy it, it is a gift from my heart!

It will make you more relaxed and help you make space for the things that ARE important.

Another FREE technique I would like to give you:
After the previous exercise, you will start to learn new things, see new things, feel new things or hear new things and the next days, weeks and years. Whenever you feel something is not serving you or is good for you, just say silently in your mindCANCEL, CANCEL, CANCELwhile bringing index finger and thumb together. This is your CANCEL PROGRAM=ACTIVE!!! Whenever you say and do this, you are removing it instantly from your hard drive! Or you simply don’t let it enter into your system. It remains outside! So from today every time you use this powerful CANCEL system, its effect is amplified and one day it will go automatically!

Focus on what you want and look for more of that. If you want to feel happy, surround yourself with happy people and do things that make you happy. Feel inside your body if it really makes you happy, and if it doesn’t “Cancel it”

When you fully understand how the brain functions, you can make this program work for you and feel good all the time. Nothing will be able to disturb you and you will stay relaxed and feeling wonderful! (I hope you enjoyed it and please share this!) If you do this for a while it will become like breathing… You don’t think “I have to inhale” or “now I have to exhale”, do you? When it becomes an automatic program, it WILL help you, believe me!

Now you have given clear instructions to your system, how it has to operate in certain circumstances.
In the next Post I will give you a Guided meditation which is very special.
So stay tuned!

Break free and LIVE!!!
Brake free 3D man

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