Mesmerism vs Hypnosis

    Today we will talk about Mesmerism versus Hypnosis. First of all what was first? I can tell you I am sure it is Mesmerism. Out of Mesmerism came Hypnosis and out of hypnosis came NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) Well for the practitioner of Mesmerism or the Hypnotist it’s very important: 1. The subject […]

The Art of giving

The Art of GIVING So you are interested in the art of giving? That’s great! Here is the number of my bank account …..just kidding! No, when you start giving, you are setting in motion the flow of energy! There is more than enough for everyone! Let me explain how it works . When you […]

GRATIS Geleide Meditatie u aangeboden door

Geleide meditatie ZERO STRESSS   Deed je ooit als eens een meditatie of een ontspanning oefening? Of slaap je moeilijk in? Of ben je altijd moe? Deze geleide Meditatie gaat je helpen te ontstressen. Alle spanning afvoeren uit je lichaam. Een RESET zeg maar… Het enige wat je moet doen is de instructies volgen welke […]

Cleaning up Mind and Body + how to keep it clean…

Time to clean Yeah! Spring is in the air! Why should I? You clean your room, your house, your car, the entire house… But what about you? Wouldn’t it be nice to clean up the inside of you? In the course of our life, we make quite a mess inside! We see things we had […]

Reiki versus Mesmerism

What is the difference between Reiki and Mesmerism? In Reiki the practitioner works with Reiki Energy. The Mesmerist can work with Reiki energy or the energy what is better or stronger for the person who wants a healing. You can choose from the universal energy’s, what energy is best, or choose a combination. In Reiki […]

Mesmerism and Magnetism the missing link in Hypnosis

Mesmerism and Magnetism the missing link in Hypnosis. First of all Mesmerism this is the art what Franz Anton Mesmer used in his lifetime. He learned there was a “fluid” in and around his body. With this understanding he could heal many people. He had day’s when he healed over 300 people. Imagine how that […]

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