Doctors and Medical staff, HELP me please!!!

My name is Thomas and I am a Mental Coach.

Most of the time when I am helping people I am getting to the same point.
Time after time when people want help in solving a problem.
Mostly we go back with regression this is a technique to find the source
of the persons problem.


I will explain to you in a few words what is a regression, for the people
who don’t know and this is ok!
Regression is a way to solve a problem in the now, what have started in the persons past
using only the persons brain.
So when those people are under hypnosis we guide them back to the very first moment where the problem has started or was implanted. Not always but in many cases they are hearing beeps and machines. They see green clothing. And people with green masks in front of there faces. Hearing normal conversations. And at a certain moment they know the people around there body are talking about the condition of the person on the operation table. And they realize it’s there own body laying down on that table.
So we guide them to go into there own body.
And they hear all kinds of conversations:
“This operation is not easy, everything goes wrong,
there will be complications afterwards FOR SURE”
, or
“This poor man shall recover a long time, because his condition is to weak”, or
“This lady will never have baby’s again”, or
“It’s useless we do this operation, he will not live very long anyway”, or
“This one will always have problem with this or that from now on, because…”
So we make this negative suggestions neutral first.
To solve the problem in the NOW.
Like I said not always we end up in the Operation room!
Sometimes people got suggestions from teachers, sometimes even in kinder garden,
parents or other people. In a few cases they even got suggestions before birth!

Now, please don’t get me wrong! I don’t want to point a finger on anyone.
But, and now comes my very serious question to you.
Please give good suggestions to this person on your table or in your chair listening to his or her diagnosis. I truly believe you are not aware of the impact of your words and affecting this person in this deep levels.
But believe me they do!

I also explain to you why this happens…When they are under narcosis they are in a deep trance state to do the surgery. In this state the subconscious mind of this person can hear everything you or your team is telling. It’s all suggestion and a suggestion is like a normal sentence. But when they are in this deep trance state, the mind believes every single word, and it becomes their reality!!!

I can hear your thinking! “If I give them a diagnosis and they are sitting in my chair they are not under narcosis so it will not affect them!” WRONG!!!
You are a highly respected person! They include me look up to you because you have studied a long time. In most cases much longer as they did.
So you are a person with authority!!!
Most of the people believe what you are telling them! They start living like that, because you have said so. So if you say: they have only 1 more year to live, are you really sure they will live for another 360 days and not 361 or 3601? Or is it based on experience?
I don’t ask you to give them falls hope! NO!!! But, if they start to live healthy, and change their diet, and do sports to get the body fitter. Can you believe they have a pretty good or better chance to become 100% healthy again? Tricking the brain is very easy…
I am sure you know some cases of miraculously recovery from diseases people (couldn’t)
recover from? Right?


DoctorCoat-SS-PostSo knowing this,
why shouldn’t you give good suggestions instead?
You will see the results will blow your mind!
I will give you a small example, but I know you are smart enough to make a more personalized powerful suggestion for every patient of yours.



“So, Mr (name) or Miss (name). We did a great/fantastic job for you!!!
Everything went perfect. You will be back on your feet before you know it.
And starting from now you feel wonderful, like NEW. Much better then before because you are completely healed. Starting from now the wound AND YOUR ENTIRE BODY recovers miraculously fast, and you will wake up and feel fresh, fruity and completely energized. Like if you had a long relaxing vacation!”
If you give a suggestion like this you will be surprised by the speed your patients recover!
Also inform your staff about this! If something goes wrong or when staff members say something they could have say better…correct them or can say it’s ok I’ve got it under control already! Everything goes perfect!

Feel free to contact me to help you with some good suggestions in your kind of treatment.
I think it could be very handy when they teach this in college. So the success rate of recovery goes sky-high. If we work with people, the most important for me and I believe it’s the same for you, those persons are feeling better. People who contact you really want to get better and want your help, in the best way possible.

A lot of success to all the doctors in the world. I hope all of you think about this post. Take my free advice, try it out what is the worst could happen?
They heal incredibly fast? Or maybe I have triggered your interest and you want to attempt an hypnosis Training? Please DO! This way you know how to influence the mind, to help you and your patient. Get even better results.
Doing everything you can, what is in your power.

I don’t ask you to believe me, who am I…
NOT want to convince you, only you can do that!

But I have this final question for you Doctor: “If you need an operation yourself, wouldn’t it be very nice to get good suggestions? So you can go back to work faster, and feel better than ever before?
And imagine now:
You wake up in the recovery room.
I give you the chance to choose…

Do you choose to feel like you were run over by 3 trucks?
Big Truck Big Truck Big Truck


OR… you feel more to feel:

Like if you had a long relaxing vacation?
vraagteken mannetje

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