Mesmerism and Magnetism the missing link in Hypnosis.

First of all Mesmerism this is the art what Franz Anton Mesmer used in his lifetime.

Mesmer3He learned there was a “fluid” in and around his body.
With this understanding he could heal many people.

He had day’s when he healed over 300 people.
Imagine how that would look like nowadays…

But he also faced some difficulty’s.
He spoke about a “fluid”, but like electricity
we can’t see it. So the skeptics made it very difficult for Mesmer. Mesmer could show them people where healing but couldn’t prove the existence of this what he called “fluid”. But do you need to know or feel electricity to heat your house or bring light into it?

NO! We can enjoy electricity without knowing how it works…
It’s the same with Mesmerism. In our trainings we will give you the opportunity
to feel this “Fluid” and work with this “fluid” and know all the secrets behind it.
So back to the name Mesmerism or Mesmerizing:

Mesmerism comes from Mesmer or “To mesmerize”:

(ˈmɛz məˌraɪz, ˈmɛs-)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.

1. to hypnotize.
2. to spellbind; fascinate.
3. to compel by fascination.
mes`mer•i•za′tion, n.
mes′mer•iz`er, n.
So Hypnosis comes out of Mesmerism, interesting!…Many people who do hypnosis didn’t get this information. In hypnosis the most important is to build trust and rapport!Mesmerism is the perfect way to build up a strong rapport, NON VERBAL!!!
We guide the subject’s fluid and our fluid in a way they will Entanglemententangle. (see picture)
In the strongest way possible! Also explained and practiced in our class.
We go more into detail now. So it also has to do with Fascination:
This is the way how to look at someone, with Gaze also called staring.
When we want to fascinate we aren’t using the magnetic gaze instead of magnetic gaze we use the hypnotic gaze. Ogen ok2We focus our attention into a specific part of the face/body.
According to this, there are a lot of techniques to deal with all kind of problems people can have. In Mesmerism we not only use our eyes but also our hands.
When we do Passes for example: this is a way of striking over the body or the energy field of the subject. mesmerisme



We have several energy stations in our body.
You can think of them like energy wheels.
We call them chakra’s.
If they are not functioning well we could say the person is out of balance.
In our Mesmerism trainings you will also learn all different kind of passes.
The result of this passes are: removing pain and also balancing energy in the body.


But first of all we have to increase our own sensitivity!

We do a little test now!
Clear your mind and focus on your hands!
With your index finger from your dominant hand you point into your palm from your other hand (not touching) and do circular movements not to fast and not to slow. Some people found it more easy to do this with closed eyes.
Start near and go further away from your palm when you feel something. you can feel a sensation, a warm, or cold or tinkling sensation. If you feel something different it’s good! You can also change the hands and use your other hand to send the energy in the palm of the other hand…
If the previous test is successful you can do this second test:
Bring your hands together, your palms now go further away from each other and imagine but more important feel the energy ball building up between your hands.
If you do this correctly you will feel the space between your hands get more dense.
Like the air between your hands feels more like liquid, more and more solid.
To describe the feeling best it’s like when you have a sponge between your hands and push it together and feel the resistance of the sponge.
I also will give you this free exercise came this far already in this post so I start to believe you are interested in our ART:
When you are building this energy between you hands
add a suggestion to it. Like happy, more sure, healthy, relaxed, confident,
or whatever you need most for this moment.
If you like you can give it a color the color representing the feeling you want to experience. Make this ball as big as you can, when you feel the ball is powerful and ready to absorb, step into this energy ball and do a long and deep inhalation. Keep your breath as long as you can. This way you give your body the opportunity to absorb the Energy/feeling you just have programmed. Feel what happens inside your body!
Enjoy it!
When you work on your sensitivity or to feel, it’s important you clear your mind,
this way you can focus 100% into your feeling…

If the tests are successful very well done! Congratulations you just made your first steps in the Mesmerism and Magnetism Art! If your sensitivity is to low it’s no problem!
The success will come. More of this in our Training! But I promised you to explain why Magnetism and Mesmerism are important tools!
So I will talk about Magnetism now.
To magnetize we need strong energy. In Magnetism you will learn how to attract big and strong energy out of the universe. Because “we are living in an Ocean of energy.”
Most of the people aren’t aware of this! Same for the fishes in the Ocean they aren’t aware of the water until a fisherman catch them and pull them out…We not want to pull you out of that ocean but we want to bring the awareness, we can interact with it and use this Ocean of energy.
So if you practice magnetism you can use your own energy. This is not advised!!!
Our own Prana, chi or life force is limited and if our energy wheels or chakra’s are not working properly, we will run sooner or later out of Life energy! This will take away the possibility to heal yourself or rejuvenate.
Even dead is possible. We not want this to happen to you! That’s why we want to train you to do healing, Mesmerism and Magnetism in a correct and safe way for you.
This is also why we will teach you to use external energy, when do healing or Mesmerism or Magnetism in general.
Same like in Reiki or Shambala, but in that art you only use 1 kind of energy…
Wouldn’t be awesome to have access to all energy’s in Universe?
We will make it even more interesting! We will do initiation for you, not only for 1 energy
but to work as a receiver for all kind of energy you want to work with!So we can say Mesmerism and Magnetism is the best combination and complementary to each other. In Mesmerism you get all the techniques and in Magnetism we teach you how to get access to big and powerful energy!
Isn’t this magical? This lead me to say something about Magic.
Don’t be afraid, because have white and black magic!
It’s the intention of the practitioner what makes it become black or white magic.
So when you train with us and you want to do harm to people this techniques will never work for you! We only teach this art to do good and helping people!So I spoke about energy in Magnetism. You are energy and I am energy as well.
Everything in Universe is energy! So when you master this art you can attract everything you want. Like in the books or Movie “The Secret”the-secret_sealYou can attract in your life what you want you are the architect or creator of your own life!
They forget to tell you this small detail: You need strong and powerful energy to attract what you want! That’s The Secret! So if you saw the movie maybe you understand why it didn’t worked out for you yet…If you did not see the movie, please DO.

So who can participate in our trainings?

Everybody can participate our training.
Especially when you want to find answers in life.
If you want to help people, or want to improve your own life.
Or maybe you are already working as a healer or hypnotist, when you master
our Art you will improve what you are doing now for sure!

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