Mesmerism vs Hypnosis



Today we will talk about Mesmerism versus Hypnosis.

First of all what was first?
I can tell you I am sure it is Mesmerism.
Out of Mesmerism came Hypnosis and out of hypnosis came NLP
(Neuro Linguistic programming)

Well for the practitioner of Mesmerism or the Hypnotist it’s very important:
1. The subject has to trust the practitioner.
2.Have to build up good and strong rapport.

mesmerismus transparant
I have seen a lot of practitioners in my life and because I can see the flow of energy and see what happens on a different level, the energy level. What I noticed is that most of the practitioners don’t know when they can really start to make the change. Or in other words: Is the subject deep enough? Is he or she following my commands?
So I can say: have to work on the rapport.
This will make the therapy succeed or fail!

For the people who don’t know what rapport is:
It’s the way to make a good connection with the subject.
This will makes him more relaxed. And will make it more easy to follow your commands or suggestions.
If you are deeply connected to your subject you can feel what has to be done.
It’s very difficult to work with a script or think before what you will do before the subject comes. The secret of rapport is to learn to be present.
Be aware with an empty mind. You are focused on the session.
If you know what feeling is yours, or what thought is yours you also know the feelings and the thoughts of the subject. This the result of being present…This will allow you to create a good connection. You can go into the trance state yourself and the subject will follow.
In Mesmerism we not build rapport the same way like in hypnosis.
We are connecting on the energy level. This is a deeper level to connect with special techniques, but very easy to use and most of al very effective.

Ok, what about the Therapy session:

How does this work? For Mesmerism we don’t need to know what the problem is.
Most of the time people will tell there problem without asking for it…
In Mesmerism we believe when someone “makes up” a problem and they can’t handle it no longer in the head they put it somewhere in the body and there it will develop a pain or a disease or imbalance. But sometimes it just stays in the brain.
We look at this as stuck energy or a blockage. The flow of energy is blocked and not flowing fluently any longer. So this we need to change.
So the first thing we do is: We attract energy to work with the subject, connect with the subject on the energy level, after this we bring the subject in a trance. We can do this with gaze, fascination (all non verbal). After this we rebalance the energy and intuitively we are guided to the places that needs rebalancing. After this we do a full body balancing. We work with the subconscious and the subjects energy. So it’s impossible for the critical mind to come in between. Bring back the subject and most of the time they don’t like to come out of the trance because it feels so good.
It’s a feeling like having your favorite food, favorite music, favorite holiday spot, favorite friends and the most relaxing feeling but this 10x more and all this in the same time.














It’s normal you want to feel this as long as possible.
But we also have a trick to bring them back, if they prefer to stay in the trance, don’t worry about it. In less than a minute they are back feeling wonderful.

Most of the time one session is enough. People think “it can’t be that simple?” Correct! There is much more going on. When we start to gaze or Fascinate we know the outcome already…Deep Trance and change. This will be our intention BEFORE we start. This is an other very important point also in hypnosis. After we have set our intention, we let go of it and we go in the presence state. Blank mind aware of our in- and outside.

When the person is in the right state we start to communicate with the subconscious of the subject. We even can ask if there is something else we can do to solve the problem.
In hypnosis this can be done by setting up ideo motor responses. One finger for yes and another finger for no. This way it’s possible to communicate with the subconscious.
In Mesmerism we can also ask non verbally for a signal. Without setting up the technique like in hypnosis. So I think for hypnotists the way techniques are used in Mesmerism can help them quite a lot in having better results!
You will see we have techniques to work on some issues that work better than other.
But most of them are non verbal! So like I say before the critical mind can’t come in between. This is also important in Hypnotherapy bypass the critical mind.
So how to solve this?
In hypnotherapy can do a levitation or catalepsy. This is when the hand floats up or the arm or body become stiff like an iron bar. In Mesmerism we can use this also, it’s 2 way.
We can see the subject obeys to what we do or say and second we can see they are in a trance or the right level to make the change and we have bypassed the critical mind.
In Mesmerism we even can go a step further we can also create automatic movement: Make one arm circle around the other arm while you give audio stimulation.
I haven’t seen this in hypnotherapy yet!

An other very important thing is observation! When you really observe you can see micro movements. And you can use this micro movements to make the subject go deeper. For example in a session someone exhale deeper when they enjoy going deeper or let go. You have 2 options: can do nothing and proceeds your work, or you can say exactly! You use it in your work. Why should you better use this?
The person isn’t aware you can see the micro movement so it makes a confusion so the subject goes even deeper, he or she maybe was thinking they weren’t in hypnosis yet or in a trance, the confusion will make them go deeper…Some examples: when a finger starts to move you can ask what the finger has to tell? Or what is behind that movement? In Mesmerism it’s also important to observe and use this signs.

In all therapy sessions subject have to let go of something.
So it’s important we make the subject confident to do so.
I also noticed in Hypnosis it takes a longer time to bring a subject on the right level.
For a regression it takes at least 30min, 45min is more common.
What I will say now will shock you. The same Regression takes 5 minutes in Mesmerism.
How is this possible? We use almost the same technique only to bring them into the right state is different. Same for pain relieve or analgesia (like anesthetics) it goes much quicker.
I can tell you, I work with magnetism and mesmerism for more than 25 years but also Hypnosis and NLP I like a lot. When you combine the techniques you will work more effective with better results and less time.
So if you Thought Mesmerism is some kind of “new age” thing, you have to think again.
It’s an important skill for yourself and to use in your practice. It will bring the quality of your sessions to a much higher level. And I believe this is why we do it in the first place, right?
Mesmerism was hidden for a long time. 10 years ago when you looked on the internet you could find some information about Franz Anton Mesmer and Mesmerism comes from “to Mesmerize”. If you type in Mesmerism now you have a lot of info about it.
Most of the people teach Magnetism and Mesmerism after reading a book…
So if you would like to master this Art look for the right people!
You need to have a good feeling, and if you feel good now, and want to learn more
about Mesmerism and Magnetism, you are on the right path!
Just push the button below and tell us where you are located, we will
contact you and inform you where to learn Mesmerism and Magnetism.

So my conclusion is that Mesmerism and Hypnosis go hand in hand and they are complementary to each other! Create a Synergy in your therapy.
Have a fantastic day looking forward to meet!

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