Merlin Staff


Merlin’s Staff:

You like to do magic?
This Merlin’s staff is what you need.
It can be used in healing or just to sleep with it.
Man need to put left hand near positive pole right hand to negative pole.
Woman put right hand on positive pole and left hand on negative pole.
The energy in woman and men circulates differently that’s why it’s a little different.
Charge yourself completely in 10-15 min.

Or program or deprogram very fast.
This Merlin’s Staff can protect you in a radius of 100 m. or 50 m. in all directions.
Radiation, 5G, 4G, 3G, negativity and keep away all radiation you don’t need/want.

In combination with the Pendant,Healer device this is what you need as a healer.
It’s 510mm long and has a diameter of 25mm.

More info on the Arcturian Devices



Merlin Staff, powerful energy device, protection device, EMF neutral, 0 radiation, EMF protection


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