What is the difference between Reiki and Mesmerism?

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In Reiki the practitioner works with Reiki Energy.

The Mesmerist can work with Reiki energy or the energy what is better or stronger
for the person who wants a healing.
You can choose from the universal energy’s,
what energy is best, or choose a combination.
In Reiki you get an initiation to work with Reiki Energy.
In Mesmerism we give you an initiation + a technique to work with all kind
of Universal energy’s.

The Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is a method, a spiritual path.
A lot of people already use Reiki in healing.
You can heal yourself and other people.
Also Mesmerism is a method and not on the spiritual path but on the energetic path.
So all religions can participate in our trainings.
Not to many people are using Mesmerism yet.
Because this knowledge was hidden and kept secret for a long time!
Now it’s accessible for everybody. So you can do what you do already but stronger
and with more success.

For who

If you want to grow in this path, most of the time their are some requirements.
You have to have 1ste or 2nd grade in Usui Shiki Ryoho or Reiki Ryoho.
In Mesmerism we not ask you to have a certain level in energy. We will give you an initiation so you can start on the right energy level. Before we can do this we have to work on your magnetic body layer first! So you don’t have to study for years.
The energy will come instant strong and powerful!
Reiki energy is a smart energy. Let me explain to you what I mean.
If someone has a pain in the leg and you send energy into the belly.
Reiki energy knows it has to go to the leg and healing takes place.
In Mesmerism and I believe this is why it has been kept hidden for a long time.
We can attract strong and powerful energy, much stronger then Reiki energy.
But strong energy is not smart so it’s depending of the practitioner. And this is why we train your sensitivity so you can feel the persons body like your own. And we teach the techniques to work with this strong energy’s.

If you want to learn Reiki you need:

As a professional Reiki practitioner you need some skills!
You can scan the body, you know how to unblock energy, you know how to
work with Ki energy in your eyes and breath and all the techniques used in Reiki.
When you want to start practicing Mesmerism we teach you how to become more sensitive and present in your body and also outside your body!
This way you can scan the body and know where to unblock/balance energy’s in the body.
When practicing Mesmerism the energy will flow true your Eyes, hands & breath.
We also teach you, and this is a big difference with Reiki: you will learn to make a strong energetic connection with the subject on a deep energetic level. This makes it possible to feel the other person. This makes it also possible to work with intention and non verbal communication. We also teach techniques but they are very easy. The more easy the better they work! The intensity of the energy is much more important, together with an easy technique.

What is the purpose of being sick.

In Reiki you learn the relation between being sick, and the thinking, and the way a person lives who needs a healing. You need to recognize the pattern(s) behind it.
In Mesmerism we make a change on all the body layers so we also neutralize what makes the subject sick. In Mesmerism you will also learn to balance the persons energy.
So you will feel the pattern and change it because you bring balance. You will learn
all kinds of techniques to do this.

The illusion of being in this earth existence.

it’s their reality…The sickness is part of this reality. This have to be changed in the thinking. In a way people can understand they not have to be sick anymore. So the healing can take place.
In Mesmerism we believe everything is energy. So to much energy is not good.
To less energy is no good, we need balance in the body. And we are all energy, connected with Universe and everything in this world. So our reality is we are a spirit in a human body, experiencing an Earth life or experience. We come here to learn something. We also believe in mind over matter. The mind is very powerful to work together with!
When we do Mesmerism in the correct way people come out of a session and the know and feel something has changed. Non verbal we can give the right suggestion when they are in a deep trance.

Body relaxation

In Reiki you will get a relaxation for body and mind.
In Reiki this is the way to get better.
In Mesmerism we bring the person into a trance state. Why we do this? To bypass the critical mind! We work in the level of the subconscious. If we do healing on the surface the chance of success is to low. Or we have to talk about changing the thinking, changing habits and more…No! We interact with the subconscious instead. If we make changes in this level we can also implant suggestions.
This way it’s much easier and much more effective. The subconscious from the person knows best what it needs to get in balance again or to heal.

So now you can learn this beautiful ART of Mesmerism in one of our trainings.
Feel free to check our Training agenda Profit from our early bird conditions.
Book your participation today to one of our trainings and tell us your location.
This way we can inform you when we do a training near you!
Book nowEnjoy your life at the fullest! If you are not doing this already…
Change it! We look forward to give you the life you want.
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