BuddhaThe Art of GIVING

So you are interested in the art of giving? That’s great! Here is the number of my bank account …..just kidding!

No, when you start giving, you are setting in motion the flow of energy! There is more than enough for everyone! Let me explain how it works . When you give, the Universe will support you and bring the flow of money (which energy) to circulate and bring more money to you, so you can help more people… Don’t get me wrong here. You don’t give in order to receive! The thing is, when you give to someone, it doesn’t necessarily have to come back to you from that one person… This is important to know if you don’t have this understanding! Maybe you think ‘I can barely help myself how can I help others?’ If you find yourself in this situation, then ask yourself : Are you happy? If you want to live a happier life, then maybe you want to follow my advice.

People who understand this are successful in life and give a percentage of their income to help other people. They don’t do this just because they CAN. There is much more to it! So, if you start to give 1% of your income to people that you are sure of our really helped with that coffee, slice of pizza, some money, a smile, etc., you are choosing to make a change! I am not asking you to give to organizations because you don’t know where the money is going. Often, the CEOs of these helping organizations earn a dazzling income! So that would not be the best way! No, as for me, I help people who really need my help and will do something with the money that helps them advance in life, and go off buying a bottle of Jack Daniels or finding their next score.

It’s like the quote from Buddha…
“Before giving, the mind of the giver is happy.
While giving, the mind of the giver is made peaceful.
And when have given, the givers mind is uplifted!”
“The mind is everything what you think you become“.

I would like to share some videos yhat make my heart smile!

Maybe you would like to know where my video is?
Well, I don’t feel the need to show other people how I practice the art of giving.
I also believe that all persons in these videos, share that sentiment.
But to show other people that this is possible, there have to be some recordings to make them understand…
The video I like the most is this one:

Isn’t it amazing! If this didn’t touch you, just think about this:
How would you feel if one day you could only eat if other people were helping you? And people are already giving you part of what you are having right now…

We truly can make a difference!
If you want to increase your happiness, just try this recipe and share it with others!
Let giving be a part of your everyday life and every day will be a special day!
You will enjoy your life to the max!
Have a fantastic day or fantastic life…
It’s up to you!

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