Pendant Energy Protection

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The Pendant:

This device can be worn day and night.
Like all the other devices it’s 100% waterproof.
It has no batteries inside and you don’t need to charge it or cleansing it.
This technology can be used by your children and the children of your children.
It will help you protect, purify and help you fight the external influences.
If you want an Arcturians healing this pendant is needed
14 days before the 5 day healing sessions*

to keep your energy in the right high level.
All the devices are constantly updated trough the Cosmos.

It comes with a nylon cord please do not replace it with any metal
because it will
cut of your energy.
Our Pendant is the smallest but don’t underestimate it’s power.
This pendant is 63mm long and 11mm in diameter.

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Aura protection, Energy field protection, practitioner protection, EMF protection, radiation protection, pendant protection

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